Our Services

Our Services

One-Call Service for your height pole, front and rear pilot car needs.

Expertise & Support to determine where you will need escorts based on your dimensions.

Coordination of the escort logistics directly with your driver &
uncompromising commitment to safety.

Customized Cost Estimates based on your load-specific escort needs.

Safety & Security

A pilot car is one of the easiest and most stress-free ways to guarantee the safety of a large, heavy, or wide semi-truck cargo. At Mason Dixon Oversize Pilot Car Services, we believe in offering top of the line service to our customers, with safety and security at the forefront of our focus.

Some of the duties of a pilot car escort include:

• Warn transporting truck of dangers ahead
• Make other drivers aware
• Assist in managing traffic when needed
• Provide appropriate signage
• Carry emergency equipment

For the safety and security of drivers and passengers on the road,
our pilot cars travel with mandatory safety equipment:

  • 48” Amber Light Bar
  • 12” and 18” Red & Orange Flags
  • Signs Indicating Oversize Load For Front/Rear of Vehicles
  • 24” Paddle Indicating Stop/Slow
  • 5 lb. and 10 lb. Fire Extinguishers
  • Reflective Triangles & Flares
  • Orange Safety Vests & Traffic Cones
  • Tie-on Oversize Load Signs
  • Tool Kit, Spare Tire & Necessary Equipment
  • CB radio

Choosing a company to provide a pilot car is an important decision. Don’t put your driver, your cargo, or anyone else on the road at risk by choosing an unreliable or unsafe pilot car company. With Mason Dixon Oversize Pilot Car Services, you can relax and know that your semi-truck and its unusually-sized load will make it to its destination safely and on time.

For more information about selecting a pilot car from
Mason Dixon Oversize Pilot Car Services, contact us today.

Years of Experience

Sometimes a single pilot car just isn’t enough to safely transport a large load. If you need additional vehicles to accompany a long, heavy, or extra wide cargo transport, Mason Dixon Oversize Pilot Car Services has your oversize escort solution.

A pilot car along with a chase car escort can provide you with an excellent combination of services to accompany your large or oversize cargo transport. Having all the benefits of a pilot car paired with the security of a larger escort convoy, you can relax and know that everyone on the road will be able to travel safely.

You may need an oversize escort if your cargo contains:

• Construction Machines – If you are transporting awkward and heavy construction machinery such as cranes, backhoes, and front-loaders, you will need the safety of an oversize escort.

• Construction Elements – From bridge beams to generators to windmills, an oversize escort will guarantee that these extra-long or extra-wide elements are transported safely.

• Pre-fabricated Homes – A pre-built home will often extend beyond the dimensions of a standard semi-truck flat bed. With an oversize escort, you can ensure that the transported structure does not pose a danger to the transporting driver or other vehicles on the road.

For any oversize load, a lead car paired with a chase car escort can prove to be a crucial component for safe transportation. The escort is there to assess any risks on the road ahead, allowing plenty of time for an unusually sized vehicle and its load to make adjustments for safety. Surrounding drivers will also be able to make clear decisions about how to accommodate the larger sized vehicle, making the road safe for everyone.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing an oversize escort
for your next heavy or wide transport,
contact Mason Dixon Oversize Pilot Car Services today.

Ensure Safe Passage

If you are shipping an oversize load that is unusually high, a High Pole Pilot Car escort may be necessary to ensure safe passage. The lead pilot car can operate as a guide for the transporting truck, making the truck driver aware of any low clearance areas ahead.

Our oversize escort can provide a “High Pole” Pilot Car for taller loads. This allows the lead pilot car to adjust a telescopic pole to match the height of the oversize load, allowing ample time to anticipate any clearance issues.

It is also important to have a complete pilot car escort if your cargo is wider than usual. While these loads are transported in flatbed trucks and other heavy haul trucks, they may pose a danger if their parameters infringe on other lanes of traffic or extend beyond the usual range of the transporting vehicle. Having a pilot car & chase car escort will alert other drivers on the road about the risky vehicle and allow them to adjust their navigation.

For the safety of everyone on the road, choose an oversize escort from
Mason Dixon Oversize Pilot Car Services for your next oversize shipment.

We are committed to the safe movement of your load!

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