About Us

Mason Dixon Oversize Pilot Car Services Your one stop for lead, chase and high-pole vehicles for your oversize load escort needs. Safety, professional, reliable and competitive pricing, fully equipped, commercially insured.  If this is what you expect in a pilot car company, then we are everything you are looking for and more! CONFIDENCE & PEACE […]

Maryland Highways

Wherever your load takes you, we help coordination of the escort logistics directly with your driver and provide uncompromising commitment to safety.

Dedication to Details

We invest in the tools and time needed to thoroughly prepare our escorts to succeed and protect your valuable freight. Using detailed training, safety is our focus and priority with every job we pilot for you. We make navigating the ever-changing world of pilot car regulations easy with all the proper certifications and equipment to […]

Reliable Service

With a pilot car escort, your dangerous load or oversize vehicle can move swiftly and safely along any road or highway. By pairing the benefits of a pilot car with a full escort, the vehicle driver will have complete awareness of the conditions surrounding them, allowing for greater control over the truck or oversize load. […]

Safety & Security

A pilot car is one of the easiest and most stress-free ways to guarantee the safety of a large, heavy, or wide semi-truck cargo. At Mason Dixon Oversize Pilot Car Services, we believe in offering top of the line service to our customers, with safety and security at the forefront of our focus.


A pilot car along with a chase car escort can provide you with an excellent combination of services to accompany your large or oversize cargo transport. Having all the benefits of a pilot car paired with the security of a larger escort convoy, you can relax and know that everyone on the road will be […]