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Mason Dixon Oversize
Pilot Car Services

Your one stop for lead, chase and high-pole vehicles for your oversize load escort needs.

Safety, professional, reliable and competitive pricing, fully equipped, commercially insured.  If this is what you expect in a pilot car company, then we are everything you are looking for and more!



Mason Dixon Oversize Pilot Car provides professional pilot car services for the transport of oversized and overdimensional specialized freight. Look to us for one-call service for front, rear and pole car coverage across Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.


We make navigating the ever-changing world of pilot car regulations easy with all the proper certifications and equipment to ensure safe and legal escorts. From planning to final paperwork, we’re more than a protector on the road; we are a partner by your side.

Safety First

We invest in the tools and time needed to thoroughly prepare our escorts to succeed and protect your valuable freight. Using detailed training, safety is our focus and priority with every job we pilot for you.

Reliable Service

With a pilot car escort, your dangerous load or oversized vehicle can move swiftly and safely along any road or highway. By pairing the benefits of a pilot car with a full escort, the vehicle driver will have complete awareness of the conditions surrounding them, allowing for greater control over the truck or oversized load. With a fully equipped pilot car escort, your convoy will have all the tools they need to make it safely and securely to their destination.

We are committed to the safe movement of your load!

Gettysburg, PA

Tim: (717) 688-1119

Dan: (717) 494-5766

Certified in all states for your move with all the proper equipment & signage
Carry a minimum of $1M commercial liability auto insurance


We Appreciate Your Business!

Cash On Delivery at the end of every load, or ComChek, T Check, Company Check
We also accept all major credit cards
(be sure to ask if we have our credit card machine up & running)

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